The sections below outline the costs associated with owning and using an 0844 fixed rate telephone number in the UK, to both the owners, and callers.


Costs to the Caller

The cost to the caller is simple, and is made up of two parts.
  • Access Charge ‐ set by the caller's phone company
  • Service Charge ‐ 6p per minute
For more information on Access and Service charges please click here.


The Setup Fee

  • The fee to actually setup the number and get it working. In the case of our standard numbers, this fee is zero.
  • The more memorable numbers start at £99.00 and they can be seen at the foot of the home page.
Free 0844 numbers Bronze 0844 numbers Silver 0844 numbers Gold 0844 numbers Platinum+ 0844 numbers
£0.00 Setup Fee From £9.95 Setup Fee From £49.00 Setup Fee From £99.00 Setup Fee From £499.00 Setup Fee

Costs or Revenues per Minute

  • If you are pointing your 0844 number at a UK landline number, you will earn revenue from calls, between 1p and 3p per minute, depending on the volume of calls you receive.
  • If you want to point your 0844 number at a mobile or international number, you will incur costs, which will vary according to the network or destination see the rates table below. For charges to route your 0844 number to an international number you'll need to call us on 0345 475 6600 to discuss your needs.

Feature Fees

  • You can change your terminating number and set up new route plans at any time, 24 hours a day 365 days a year free of charge using your number management panel.
  • Special features we offer include Route Plans (free of charge), and Day Parting and Fax-to-Email (both £9.95 setup plus £2.50 per month).

Costs to route your 0844 number to a mobile phone

To route your 0844 number to a UK mobile phone number you will have to pay an activation fee of £9.95 plus £4.95 per month. Once this is paid your 0844 number will be made live. You will then be charged a pence-per-minute rate based on your mobile network operator.

Your mobile routing call charges bill is generated monthly and if it is over £1.00, charged to your credit card or direct debit within 14 days of the billing date (1st of every calendar month). If your monthly call charges bill is less than £1.00 it is carried over to the next months bill.

You can change your terminating number at any time, free of charge in your number management panel.

See the table below for 0844 mobile routing rates.

O2 9.9p 9.9p 9.9p
EE 9.9p 9.9p 9.9p
Three 9.9p 9.9p 9.9p
Vodafone 9.9p 9.9p 9.9p

This table shows how much it will cost per minute to route your 0844 number to a UK mobile phone, based on what network you use.

For example, for a 6ppm 0844 number, if you wish to route your 0844 number to a UK Vodafone mobile number, it would cost you:

  • 9.9p per minute to receive calls during the day
  • 9.9p per minute to receive calls after 6:00pm weekdays (off-peak)
  • 9.9p per minute during the weekends.

Routing Your Fixed Rate Number to an International Number

You can have your 0844 Fixed Rate Number routed through to an International number (landline or mobile). Calls will still be exactly the same price as for callers, regardless of where you have routed the number to.

There is a one-off charge of £9.95 to set up international routing to your account, plus a monthly charge of £2.50 per number, or alternatively you can activate the feature account-wide for all the numbers in your account for a setup fee of £49.95 and £9.95 per month.

You will also have to pay a higher pence per minute charge to receive calls on your international number. To determine this ppm charge please contact us to check your desired international routing.

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